Tools: Questions to Ask



Help students process their trip by asking the right questions. Here’s a whole list of great questions to get you started:


  • What was most exciting?
  • What surprised you on your trip?
  • What was the most important thing you learned?
  • What were the three biggest things you did on this trip that you’ve never done before?
  • Where did you see God during your trip?
  • What did you miss most about home?
  • How did God open your eyes during the trip?
  • What made you angry? Sad? Happy?
  • Who is one person you met that you won’t forget?
  • In what ways did you need to rely on God?
  • How did the way you see others change during your trip?
  • What is something you think you should do now that the trip is over?
  • Why do you think God wanted you to go on this trip?
  • How did this trip change you?
  • What part of the trip helped you get to know Jesus better? How did you get to know Jesus better?
  • What did you learn about yourself on this trip?
  • Are there any ways we can keep serving the community you were in? How could we do that?

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