Trip Leader Guides

You have a vision for your mission trip and all the powerful moments your teenagers can have during a week of healthy and impactful service. The details leading up to your mission trip can be hard to understand, and they can be just as difficult to explain to parents or other Church leadership who might need to review them.

The resources on this page are designed as supplemental support for 3 critical aspects of your YouthWorks mission trip.

Trip Leader’s Guide to the Mission Contract

This resource is designed as a check-list for you to use when determining who else needs to approve the details in your mission contract—whether it’s the Lead/Executive Pastor, Financial Business Administrator, or Parents/Guardians.

Trip Leader’s Guide to the Payment Plan

This resource is designed to bring some visibility to what the payments are used for, especially so far in advance of your mission trip. Following the payment plan installments, we’ve provided helpful information to understand the costs associated with each payment.

Trip Leader’s Guide to COVID-Proofing Trips

This resource is designed to share some of the specific work we’re doing to provide safest environments possible that could help mitigate the impact of COVID. The breakdown includes key safety updates.

Use these resources as a guide for yourself and for your anyone else who needs to understand your vision for your mission trip.

Need More Help?

You have our support along the way, and if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out. Utilize our EXTENDED CARE and we’ll come alongside and assist you with any struggles you have in planning or preparing for your mission trip. Fill out this form and we’ll have a trip consultant get back to you soon!