Purpose, Vision & Values

We believe Christ-Centered Mission Trips...


Disciple Students


Develop Leaders


Serve Communities

Our Purpose

We exist to connect middle and high school students to God, each other and communities through meaningful Christ-centered mission trips. We believe Christ-Centered Mission Trips…

  • Disciple Students
  • Develop Leaders
  • Serve Communities

Our Vision

Providing Christ-centered mission trips is our way of serving God’s multidenominational Church. We want to help empower every teenager to know God and be like Jesus in the ways they love and serve others, and our desire is the same for churches, families, staff and communities. We aim to create experiences that broaden perspectives, ignite passions, expose possibilities and inspire pursuits.

Our Values

As we live out our purpose and vision, we strive for these six priorities to shape the way we work and those we work alongside. These core values hinge on our aspiration to love teenagers, work alongside communities and serve God’s Church:


Middle and high school students are a vibrant part of the Church. We laugh, play, serve and engage with them as they learn to love and be loved by Christ. We believe these years are formative for their future and vital for God’s work now.


Communities are our partners, friends and the places we serve. We continually pursue ways to better listen to, respond to and love them. Entering, working with and learning from these communities should be viewed as an honor and privilege.

Respectful Service

God is already at work in individuals, churches and communities, and we use Jesus’ example of servant-leadership to join the work. Throughout our partnership with a community, we listen closely, speak carefully and serve humbly. Respectful service may feel less efficient, but we believe it is more effective and life-giving.


We pursue intentional interactions, restored relationships and ongoing friendships. Using the ministry of Jesus as our example, we prioritize loving and serving people over programs, projects and plans. The experiences we create encourage authentic connections with others and with God. 


We value different styles of worship, stories of faith, stages of life, sets of resources, tones of skin and expressions of culture, and invite others to do the same. By leaving comfort zones to listen and learn from each other, we can more deeply include, interact with and express the diverse beauty of God’s Kingdom.


We are committed to pushing out of our comfort zones and exploring new opportunities. We humbly continue to seek growth as we listen and learn from those around us, deepen our understanding and determine direction.