Typical Day – Youth Trips

Because every community is different, the timing of events will vary from site to site. The following, however, provides you with an idea of what the week’s schedule looks like at many YouthWorks sites.

For the Costa Rica site, please see the typical day schedule here.


  • 4:30–6:00 pm:  Your Group Arrives at Housing Site
  • 6:15 pm:  Dinner
  • 7:15–8:30 pm:  Orientations for Adult Leaders and Students
  • 8:45–9:30 pm:  The Gathering
  • 9:30–10:30 pm:  Church Group Time (a time to process the day as a group)
  • 11:15 pm:  Lights Out

Monday through Thursday

  • 6:45 am:  Breakfast Crew in Kitchen
  • 7:00 am:  Wake Up
  • 7:15–7:45 am:  Breakfast (Everyone also packs their own lunch during this time.)
  • 7:45–8:15 am:  Breakfast/Building Cleanup
  • 8:25–8:50 am:  Personal Devotion Time
  • 9:00 am:  Gather and Depart for Service Sites (Lunch is around noon at service sites.)
  • 3:30 pm:  Depart from Service Sites
  • 3:30 – 5:30 pm:  Showers, Afternoon Snack, Adult Leader Meeting, Dinner Crew Prepares Meal
  • 5:30–6:30 pm:  Dinner and Cleanup
  • 6:30–8:45 pm:  Evening Activity and Snack*
  • 8:45–9:30 pm:  The Gathering
  • 9:30–10:30 pm:  Church Group Time and Prepare for Bed
  • 11:15 pm:  Lights Out

* Some sites include one option night during the week, where scheduled events end around 7 p.m. and church groups can choose between additional free time or options in the community provided by YouthWorks staff.


  • 6:30–7:00 am:  Wake Up and Load Vehicles
  • 7:00–9:00 am:  Breakfast, Building Cleanup and Send-Off