101 Fundraising Ideas

101 Youth Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

If you asked 101 youth leaders for their best fundraising ideas, you’d get a hodgepodge of events, auctions, creative asks and even pranks… plus a little repetition! We know, because at the National Youth Workers Convention, we asked. If you’re planning for your next great mission trip, here are a few fundraising ideas to inspire your fundraising efforts:

  1. Protection Money: offer protection from an item being placed on a lawn or front door step.
  2. The Flamingo Project: Youth get paid by church members to put flamingos all over someone’s yard, then youth are paid by the homeowner to remove them too.
  3. Flamingo Picketing: Suggest $1 per flamingo to picket at your friend/neighbor/stranger’s yard as a prank.
  4. Flocking: Place flamingos in someone’s yard – a donation gets the flock removed and the donor chooses where the flamingos go next.
  5. Flamingo Insurance: Sell flamingo insurance policies to church members to protect their yards from being covered in flamingos.
  6. Noodles & Doodles: Youth put on a pasta dinner and display original art to be auctioned to dinner attendees.
  7. Golf Tournament
  8. Mystery Dinner Theater: Youth put on play and sell tickets to the dinner and show.
  9. Dessert Café Play: Youth and adults put on a play at church with a light dessert served beforehand.
  10. A Play Written and Performed by Youth
  11. Lock-In: Center a lock-in around what you are raising money for (hunger, trafficking, mosquito nets, wells, etc).
  12. Pancake Supper
  13. Dodge Ball Tournament
  14. Desserts Competition: Church members sign up to make their best dessert and charge people a small fee to taste test and vote.
  15. Soup Cookout
  16. Talent Show
  17. Run-A-Thon: Youth get sponsors to run laps.
  18. Church-Wide Dinner
  19. Free BBQ at Church with Freewill Donation
  20. Valentine’s Dinner
  21. Pies for a Year: One pie per month, baked by a member of the church.
  22. Sunday Afternoon at the Movies: Offer a Sunday afternoon matinee with suggested donation.
  23. Chili Cook-Off
  24. Pair Up: Pair youth up with members of the church who need chores or work done.
  25. Recycling
  26. Sandwiches: Pre-sell sandwiches for Super Bowl Sunday have kids make them.
  27. Babysitting Day
  28. Service Board: Church members post on bulletin board odd jobs or service projects for around their home and price they would pay for service.
  29. Free Car Wash: Students have people pledge donation amount per car, then students wash others’ cars for free.
  30. Car Check-In: Church members check car keys in before the service and then students wash or detail during the service.
  31. 144 Envelopes: Put 144 envelopes in the church, numbered from $1 to $144, and ask church members to make a donation with for that amount of money.
  32. Noisy Sunday: Students walk through church after service and collect spare change.
  33. Shareholders: Sell shares in the mission project for $25-$30 per share. Each share provides the shareholder with one ticket to the shareholders’ banquet, which is held 2 weeks after completion of project.
  34. Arrested for a Cause: Someone hosts a BBQ and invites attendees to be ‘arrested’ for the cause. Attendees set their own bail, then call contacts for donations towards their bail.
  35. Adopt-A-Mile: Figure out the mileage for the mission trip and how much each mile should cost, then have donors pay for the trip by mile.
  36. Black Tie Un-Fundraiser: People buy a ticket for $50 to stay home. Put it on a busy night and let them simply make a donation without having to actually ‘do’ anything.
  37. Rocking Chair: Youth sit in a rocking chair and keep it rocking for a period of time.
  38. Coin Change Bottles: Get cheap reusable plastic water bottles and have congregation fill them up and drop off their change throughout the year.
  39. Christmas Tree Lot: Presell tickets for trees.
  40. Yard Sale: Church members donate items and then youth host a yard sale.
  41. Raffle Tickets: Get a hot button item and sell raffle tickets for someone to win it.
  42. Craft Sale: Students make crafts, like duct tape wallets, and sell them on a particular day for a few dollars each.
  43. Coins for Youth: Fill M&M mini tubes with quarters to raise money.
  44. Pumpkin Patch
  45. Fundraiser Cards: Contact local businesses and work with them to sell frequent visitor cards to church members.
  46. Crawfish Boil: Boil pounds and pounds of crawfish and host a dinner for church members to buy tickets.
  47. Opportunity Drawing Basket: Create several baskets and sell tickets for people to win baskets.
  48. Rummage/Garage Sale: Take donations, sell booth space and run a concession. Maximize your earning potential in a single event.
  49. Trivia Table Night: People can purchase individual admission or whole tables. There may also be an opportunity to donate at the end.
  50. Cinnamon Rolls: Teens and volunteers make cinnamon rolls, preordered by members of the congregation and sold by the dozen.
  51. Rent-A-Student: Rent a student per hour to members of the church. Students conduct a job and raise funds based on the hourly rate they are ‘paid.’
  52. Lemonade Stand
  53. Baked Goods Auction: Youth bake homemade goods and sell at a live auction.
  54. Comedy Night: Host a comedy night with adults from the church. Serve dinner during the comedy portion, with dessert after.
  55. Soup and Sandwich Luncheon: Church members donate homemade soups and desserts and you provide the sandwiches. Auction off the desserts while church members are eating lunch.
  56. Basket Auction: Get different products from businesses in the area such as paint, makeup, gift cards, Y membership, etc. Put a mixture of things in baskets and then auction each basket mixture.
  57. Paintball: Students and volunteers become targets in a makeshift paintball course, 50 feet to 100 feet away from a table where people can pay $5 for 50 shots from a paintball gun. All volunteers wear protective masks and taunt the shooters.

For more fundraising ideas, download our 101 Fundraising Ideas PDF:

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