The Ideal Internship

We’re hiring 100+ college and post-college staff to facilitate Christ-centered mission trips for over 8,000 teenagers next summer. Do you want to grow as a leader and go deeper in your faith?

How it Works…

Summer Staff positions can often help meet essential internship requirements and are flexible. YouthWorks desires to work with you and your university to see if a Summer Staff position can meet your specific needs.


  1. Start by talking with your academic advisor to identify your specific internship requirements.
  2. Review our Staff Positions to see if any may meet your specific internship needs. A member of our Recruiting Team is also available to help answer questions or determine what role may be best for you.
  3. Complete our application and hiring process.
  4. Upon accepting your Summer Staff position, begin the necessary paperwork with your university for internship approval. It is often as simple as having our Recruiting Team complete a form for you.


As a university student, it is crucial that throughout your academic career, you pursue opportunities that will provide tangible experiences to put your knowledge into action, refine your skills and bolster your resume to make you more competitive in the job market. YouthWorks Summer Staff positions create unique opportunities for you to grow and develop in a myriad of ways. 

Dynamic Professional Skills and Ministry Experience

Staff carry significant responsibilities, including logistical oversight, budget management, creative problem solving, team building, worship leading, public speaking, program development, and investing in a community.

Training, Supervision and Evaluation

We provide staff with extensive training to ensure thorough preparation and to equip and develop them as leaders. Each staff has a direct supervisor who will support and encourage personal, professional, and spiritual development. This includes two written self and supervisor evaluations.

Collaborate with a Team of Four Leaders

We place staff on a team of leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Constant collaboration and feedback create an environment where staff continue to be refined in their leadership and deepen their interpersonal skills as they navigate effective team communication, conflict resolution, and working cohesively with diverse individuals.

Paid Positions

Unlike other internships, Summer Staff receive a stipend, housing, meals, site vehicles for work purposes, and are eligible for cell phone reimbursement.

Why YouthWorks?

We don’t fix communities, we celebrate communities. By listening to our community partners and understanding their needs, our mission trips are designed to create respectful service experiences that support the work God is doing through our local community partners. 


Are you ready to apply for a YouthWorks Summer ministry position?