Serve Local

YouthWorks is equipping churches with what they need to mobilize their youth ministries to serve in their own communities.

We know that serving with your students on a mission trip might not be possible for your youth ministry in the foreseeable future. Or maybe your youth group is going on a mission trip this year but are still looking for more serving opportunities. 

Our desire is to help you and your students serve safely in your own community.

Below are some FREE resources that will help you get the most out of your local serving experiences this year. 

If pulling off service alone seems overwhelming but you still don’t want to travel with your group on a mission trip this year, consider partnering with YouthWorks on a budget-friendly YWx experience!

Mobilize Your Students To…

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Based on 1 John 4:19, this 4-week curriculum will invite your students into a conversation that seeks to understand God’s love for us, so that we are able to truly love others. As your group engages with the content, God’s love moves from the head to the heart as they process the true love of Jesus in a deep, profound way. Use this curriculum paired with our Day(s) of Service Planning Guide to bring the message full-circle by leading a day of service in your own community.

The curriculum features:

  • “How to use this” Facilitation Guide
  • Theme Overview
  • 3 Theme Videos
  • Small Group Processing Guide
  • Parents Processing Guide
  • Social Media/Promotional Graphics
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This Day(s) of Service Planning Guide is designed to relive a lot of the stress that comes with planning a local day of service in your own community. You’ll get a framework for how we plan service experiences for students, tips for customizing it to your group, and some additional support if you need help bringing all the details together.

This planning guide includes:

  • Day(s) of Service Guidebook
  • Kitchen Guide and Sample Meal Plan
  • How to Find Service Guide
  • Service Orientation Outline
  • Service Orientation Example

Are you interested in taking your students on a 2024 mission trip? Since 1994, YouthWorks has been mobilizing teenagers to serve in a different community and experience God in a whole new way!

We know that serving on a mission trip during a pandemic seems overwhelming. We have been working hard to make sure that our mission trips are as safe as possible for your and your students.