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Why YWx?

Do you have a vision for your mission trip? YWx trips are designed to bring that vision to life. For 27 years, YouthWorks has been creating Christ-centered mission trips that embrace our model of respectful service. YWx gives you the opportunity to customize your mission trip in the way that best fits the unique needs of your group. You’ll have a designated YouthWorks Representative and a local host in the community you serve. We will get you plugged in to our long-lasting partnerships in each community so that your service is a continuation of efforts compounding throughout the years.

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YWx Includes...

  • Year Round / Anytime

  • Flexible Start / End Days

  • 1+ Service Days Based on Desired Trip Length for Your Group

  • Customizable Schedule

  • Housing Provided

  • Designated YW Representative

  • Local Host

  • Planning Support Tools

  • Pre & Post-Trip Resources

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We fuel movements of God through Christ-Centered mission trips that:

Disciple Students

We handle all the behind-the-scenes set-up, logistics, and on-site support so that you can lead the discipleship of your students.

Develop Leaders

We’ve built a mission trip structure that can spot, empower, and launch student leaders.

Serve Communities

We utilize a mission trip model based on servant-leadership that prioritizes what God is already doing through the local Church and community development organizations.

Youth Testimonies

"After my trip, my relationship with God became stronger. I pray more and read the Bible more and feel like I know God better."
"Our group got so much closer from our trip. Before we didn’t know each other well but now we are all really good friends."
"What God taught me on my mission trip was how far encouragement to others goes in spreading His love and how important it is to serve others."
"My favorite part was meeting other people who come from very different places and situation that I come from and seeing how much they trust God no matter what they are going through. It inspired me and my faith in God."
"After the mission trip, I knew that I wanted to serve God for the rest of my life. I want to go to more places and help more people."