Community Highlight: Rutland/Green Mountains, VT

With a population of about 17,000 people, Rutland is the third largest city in Vermont.

Rutland residents are proud of their state and have led the way in helping maintain thriving elements of their community, which have become incredibly difficult for most small urban cities in America.

How We Support Rutland’s Local Leaders

Since 2007, YouthWorks has been invited back to Rutland by local community leaders, church partners, and ministries that support the community through relational service opportunities and work projects.


These local leaders have identified that YouthWorks groups can provide additional support for their volunteers addressing affordable housing, homelessness, and the need for greater access to health services and locally grown produce.

The most under-resourced members of the Rutland community struggle with access to basic needs for healthy living. As a result, things like childhood obesity has become a significant issue for many families across the area. By supporting our local leaders in Rutland, we’re able to help supplement their year-round efforts to provide the necessary basic care for families in their communities.


Another way that Rutland’s local leaders have identified an opportunity for YouthWorks to support their community is through a variety of work projects.

With affordable housing and homelessness becoming a bigger issue for those in Rutland, local leaders have identified a number of families that could use additional support in caring for their homes and properties. Also, the local Parks & Rec Department has helped to identify ways that YouthWorks teams can help bring additional hope to local community members through park updates and beautification projects.

Join Us in Rutland/Green Mountains, VT

Come join us this summer as we support all that God is doing through our local partners in Rutland/Green Mountains.


And before you arrive in Rutland, be praying for the following things:

  • Pray for our community partners, especially the city officials, police departments, and other local volunteers who are dedicated to meeting the needs of their neighbors in Rutland.
  • Pray for the strong network of local pastors who are embodying the light and life of the Gospel in their communities.
  • Pray for the local families who are in the midst of financial struggles.
  • Pray for the ongoing care of local families in need, that they may see the presence of God in the support that they receive.
  • Pray for the logistics of this summer, and that teams coming to serve in Rutland will embody respectful service that celebrates what God is doing through the ministries of our local partners.

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