Work Projects Coordinator

Position Overview

Build meaningful relationships in a community while meeting tangible needs. Help youth engage in the community by leading work crews in painting, yard work and minor projects. YouthWorks will provide extensive training in partnering with community members, setting up and completing projects and managing crews throughout the day. Invite participants to come alongside the community to make a lasting impact.

We have a small number of sites where we do more advanced projects such as flooring and drywall. Please note on your application if you have experience in more elaborate home repair projects.

Common Community Types
Work Projects is primarily offered in small towns and Native American Reservations. Limited opportunities in small and large urban communities.

“YouthWorks is an organization that encourages you to dig deep and find the incredible gifts God has given you so you can bring them out into the world”



  • Must be at least 20 years of age during YouthWorks summer dates and one year post-high school or equivalent
  • Actively pursuing a relationship with Christ
  • Desire to serve the Church
  • Able to relate to youth
  • Model servant leadership
  • Have a teachable spirit
  • Previous work project experience
  • Able to teach skills to participants
  • Interact with community members in a highly relational way
  • Must meet our driving requirements of being 20 years of age or older during YouthWorks summer dates and have a valid U.S. driver’s license

Team Tasks/Roles

  • Facilitate devotions and upfront evening programming and worship*
  • Engage throughout the day with churches, including youth and Adult Leaders
  • Lead a team of students in meal preparation
  • Engage in respectful service and regularly communicate with community partners
  • Site preparations including inventory, shopping and confirming service schedules

*There is a $150 bonus added for qualified guitar, piano, and ukulele players who help facilitate worship on site 

Internship Information

Previous summer staff have received internship credit or relevant work experience fulfilling this role from the following majors: Construction Management, STEM, Youth Ministry, Social Work, Communications, and more.

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