Community Service Coordinator

Position Overview

Manage partnerships with social service organizations. Confirm and implement weekly service schedules provided by YouthWorks. Coordinate logistics, including assigning volunteers to service sites and executing back-up plans when needed. Travel to service sites to serve alongside youth, Adult Leaders and community contacts. Help teenagers see the impact of their service as they are taken out of their comfort zones and see Jesus in new ways.

CSC.Anna Metzger

“Week after week, there are so many moments when you look into the eyes of teenagers and see how God is changing them”

– Elizabeth, Community Service Coordinator



  • Must be at least 20 years of age during YouthWorks summer dates and one year post-high school or equivalent
  • Actively pursuing a relationship with Christ
  • Desire to serve the Church
  • Able to relate to youth
  • Model servant leadership
  • Have a teachable spirit
  • Administratively minded
  • Able to problem solve, cast vision and manage details
  • Maintain relationships with community partners
  • Passion for working with local nonprofit and social service organizations
  • Must meet our driving requirements of being 20 years of age or older during YouthWorks summer dates and have a valid U.S. driver’s license

Team Tasks/Roles

  • Lead morning devotions
  • Participate in evening programming and worship
  • Facilitate a team of students in meal preparation
  • Engage throughout the day with churches, including youth and Adult Leaders
  • Engage in respectful service and regularly communicate with community partners
  • Site preparations including inventory, shopping and confirming service schedules