Mission Team

Misty Drake

Mission Trip Director

Misty joined the full-time YouthWorks team in 2014 after serving four summers, between the Site Director and summer Area Director roles. Her time in the summer fueled her passion for discipleship, communities and leadership development. Misty loves people and the relationships she develops with them. She is especially excited to do this in her leadership and management of the full time Mission Team. Misty enjoys serving her local church community and loves to spend whatever time she can with family and friends, enjoying some good Tex-Mex cuisine and laughing as much as possible.

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Barry Foster

Mission Trip Director

After going on YouthWorks trips in high school and serving on summer staff as a Service Coordinator for two summers in Louisville, Barry joined YouthWorks as a full-time staff in May of 2014. With a background in business management, he enjoys being able to use his business skills in a ministry setting. Outside of the office, Barry enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends, going to the lake and volunteering at his church.

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Emily Beck

Mission Trip Associate

Emily participated in two YouthWorks trips as a junior higher, and after two summers on staff she joined the full-time team in November of 2017. She loves traveling to communities and working alongside of our partners to determine how we can best support and contribute to what’s happening in those places.

Emily enjoys exploring the Twin Cities, scoping out the best brunch spots in town, spending time with friends and family, and savoring a good cup of tea.

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Andrew Cleveland

Mission Trip Associate

After going on YouthWorks mission trips in high school, Andrew started his first summer on staff in 2013 as a Community Service Coordinator in Green Bay. A few years later, he did two more summers as a Site Director and an Area Director. He joined the full time team in 2018, his summers in South Dakota, Colorado, and Arizona have fueled his passions for sharing a community’s story. His role as a Mission Trip Associate allows him to advocate for communities and build life-long friendships. In his free time, Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife and cats, going camping or going into the wilderness. Andrew loves eating street tacos and going to coffee shops on the weekends.

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Aimee Sodenkamp

Mission Trip Associate

Aimee was first introduced to YouthWorks in 2015, when she hosted a YouthWorks team in her community in Louisville, KY. Aimee joined the full time YouthWorks team after serving as the Site Director in Brooklyn, NY. She has a passion for youth ministry, community and service. Aimee spends most of her free time volunteering and serving with local nonprofit agencies. Aimee also loves spending time outdoors finding cool parks, trees to use for hammocking and reading a good book. She also enjoys exploring new cities especially with beaches and learning fun historical facts.

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Zach Haymore

Mission Trip Associate

After serving on summer staff for two summers in the Northwest, Zach joined YouthWorks as a full-time staff in September of 2019. Having studied missions in college, he enjoys setting up mission trip experiences that serve and respect communities well.

Outside of the office, Zach enjoys hiking, watching soccer and reading.

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Oscar Barajas

Mission Trip Associate

After serving on summer staff in Puerto Rico as a Community Service Coordinator for Youthworks the summer of 2016, Oscar joined YouthWorks’ full-time mission team in September of 2019 as a Mission Trip Associate. With a background in nonprofit leadership and management and youth ministry he enjoys being part of the team that sets up summer mission trips for students.

Outside of the office, Oscar enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring new coffee shops and restaurants and getting involved with the local church.

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Megan Bennett

Mission Trip Associate

Megan joined the full time YouthWorks team after serving two summers as the Site Director in Indianapolis and Benton Harbor. She loves seeing God move within communities when youth step out of their comfort zones to serve. She is excited about connecting with the communities YouthWorks serves and engaging with the great service partners that make our mission possible.

Megan enjoys writing on napkins, getting lost in a good book, and general adventuring.

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Jenna Cleveland

Mission Trip Associate

After serving as a youth participant, adult leader and summer staff for four summers, Jenna joined the YouthWorks Mission Team in September 2019. She is passionate about building relationships with community partners and then inviting summer staff and participants into those relationships each summer.

Jenna enjoys going on outdoor adventures with her husband, drinking coffee with friends and doing puzzles with Gilmore Girls on in the background.

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Gwen Bagley

Mission Trip Associate

Gwen was a seasoned veteran on the YouthWorks Summer Staff before joining the YouthWorks team full-time in 2019. Her experience allows her to understand and support trip leaders very well. One of her favorite aspects of her role is building relationships and working with community partners to ensure that respectful service is happening in those communities.

When Gwen is not working, she loves adventuring the great lakes, reading a good novel, hanging out with friends and taking care of the pigs at her family farm.

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Amanda Lantz

Trip Leader Support Associate

Amanda’s experience with YouthWorks started when she was in middle school. Throughout middle school and high school Amanda attended 6 YouthWorks missions trips as a student. From there, Amanda joined the YouthWorks Summer Staff and worked as a Site Director and Area Director before joining our full-time team in the fall of 2019. One of the highlights of her role at YouthWorks is building relationships with trip leaders and supporting them in preparation for their trip.

Amanda loves golfing, traveling, speaking Spanish, researching family history, adventuring with her husband and spending quality time with friends & family.

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