Mission/Training & Programming Team

Jessica O'Tool

Director of Mission Trips

Though she is a Minnesotan who loves Minneapolis summers, Jessica found herself spending five amazing summers away with YouthWorks, beginning with Benton Harbor in 2008. She currently spends her time at YouthWorks writing content, developing different aspects of YouthWorks and preparing materials to train our summer staff.

Jessica is most often found trading stories over a good cup of coffee, working in her organic garden, and exploring the outdoors with her husband, Josh and their pit bull named Muppet.

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Becky Fuller

Mission Trip Director

Becky brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and leadership to our recruiting team. She has worked 14 summers in the field in a variety of capacities in over 20 YouthWorks communities. Though the majority of Becky’s time at YouthWorks has consisted of recruiting and placing summer staff, she has also done community set up in Puerto Rico and the East Coast as well as many special projects for the organization. Becky loves experiencing the beauty and diversity of the Kingdom through YouthWorks partnerships with communities, staff and participants. Outside of work, Becky enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, spending time at the beach, enjoying a cup of coffee with friends and games at Wrigley Field cheering for the Chicago Cubs!

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Bethany Dollard

Mission Trip Associate

Bethany was introduced to YouthWorks through her role as a 2019 summer staff in Louisville, KY. After returning for a second summer, she joined the full-time team in October of 2021. Bethany is passionate about giving a voice to people’s unique experiences, finding creative ways to share those stories with others, and loves the opportunities to do so in YouthWorks communities.

With a background in music education, Bethany loves just about anything that connects people through music, whether that be teaching voice lessons, performing herself, or attending musicals or concerts. In her spare time, she can be found exploring the beauty of Upstate New York or the best independently owned bookstores around.

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Natalie Castro

Mission Trip Associate

My first exposure to YouthWorks was in 2019 when I joined summer staff; I was a Community Service Coordinator in Kansas City. In 2021 I was the site director of both the Kansas City/ St. Louis sites. I joined the Full- Time team shortly following the completion of my degree in International Community Development. I’m passionate about people encountering Christ through transformational development. From a young age I was involved in different church outreach ministries and volunteered with organizations in my city. It’s a privilege being able to continue this same work on a greater scale with YouthWorks.

On my free time I enjoy being with others and trying all the new foods my city has to offer. It’s also fun being a tourist in your area, you constantly discover new things that some travel hundreds of miles to see.

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Kendra Pohlman

Mission Trip Associate

After hearing about YouthWorks through her home church’s plans to do a summer trip, Kendra decided to apply with hopes of connecting with God in a new way and getting out of the Midwest for a change. She went on to serve with YouthWorks for three summers on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana and discovered her passions of connecting with communities and serving in Jesus’ name. Kendra joined the full-time team in 2022, and she hopes to continue developing those passions in multiple communities.

Kendra enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, attending/watching sporting events, and hiking anywhere and everywhere, especially around the North Shore of Minnesota.

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Rachel Townsend

Training & Programming Associate

Rachel joined the YouthWorks full time team in September 2016 after serving on summer staff for several years. Rachel spent most of her YouthWorks summers in South Dakota where she gained a deep love for the American West. More importantly however, she gained a passion and love for the communities in that area. At YouthWorks she works to create training materials for summer staff, talking about youth ministry and working on various programmatic elements for YouthWorks.

Outside of work you can find Rachel hiking, camping, traveling the world with her friends and trying new restaurants with her husband Sam.

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Suzanne Seidel

Training & Programming Associate

Suzanne started her YouthWorks experience as a participant way back in 2002 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since then, she has been on a number of YouthWorks sites in a number of capacities. After graduating with a degree in Education in 2012, Suzanne moved to the Dominican Republic where she was an English teacher (among other things) for eight years – her summers spent working with YouthWorks when possible, of course! In 2020 she moved back to her hometown in Michigan and was very excited to join the Training and Programming team full-time early in 2022.

Outside of work Suzanne enjoys walking her dogs, reading lots of books, listening to podcasts, and learning to play the keyboard.