Staff COVID-Proofing Initiative FAQs

Our Safety Philosophy

YouthWorks has been working on “COVID-proofing” our summer and are looking at every aspect of our programming to make sure they’re safe. COVID-proofing is an action that we all take together as staff, participants and community members to make YouthWorks trips safe.

YouthWorks has been creating summer COVID-19 safety policies by looking at CDC guidelines, state recommendations and resources from the American Camp Association. These safety policies are ways we can care for each other and communities.

Below are some of the safety plans YouthWorks intends to implement for summer 2021 mission trips. These plans are based on the current climate of COVID-19 requirements and additional standards may be added or removed.

Arrive Healthy

Staff should be prepared to present a negative COVID-19 test result to YouthWorks immediately before they arrive to RAMP training. All staff are encouraged to limit their risk exposure by wearing masks and social distancing prior to their start date.  

Participants and Adult Leaders attending YouthWorks mission trips will need to track their symptoms leading up to the trip and be symptom free and not been exposed to anyone experiencing COVID symptoms immediately prior to and upon arrival to site. Staff will be asked to also track their symptoms leading up to the summer and be symptom free immediately prior to employment.


YouthWorks Mission Trip Associates are working closely with community partners to determine the safest and most respectful ways to serve. This may mean that in some communities we will be unable to serve with more vulnerable individuals directly. 

Summer Lodging, Dining and Showers

Additional funds have been budgeted to ensure adequate space is available for social distancing in gathering spaces, dining rooms and sleeping quarters. Shower facilities that allow for YouthWorks to have exclusive access are also being determined. You can view sample diagrams of space changes here.

As well, our staff do not sleep in the same room as participants throughout the summer. They will share a staff sleeping room with another staff member of their same gender on site.  They will also be provided separate shower times from participants each day.

Frequently Asked Covid-Proofing Questions

It’s highly likely that mask-wearing and social distancing will happen on your site. Plan on wearing masks for indoor activities (besides eating and sleeping) and during any outdoor activity when social distancing is not possible.

As we continue to monitor the recommendations of the CDC for our communities, we may determine to tighten or loosen our mask wearing and social distancing requirements.

If any participant experiences COVID-19 symptoms while on the YouthWorks site, they will immediately be isolated until their parent or guardian can pick them up. We request that the participant gets tested for COVID-19 and reports any positive results to YouthWorks. If we determine there is significant risk to the larger group, it is possible that more participants may need to go home.

If a staff member experiences COVID-19 symptoms, we would work with you and your team while following public health guidance to determine a plan, which would likely include isolation, testing and quarantining. Know that we also intentionally hire Utility staff to fill in any position in the event staff members need to temporarily be quarantined or leave site.

While we are doing everything to COVID-proof trips, the reality is that participants and/or staff could be exposed to COVID-19 at some point in the community. Your safety is paramount, and if anyone on site happens to be exposed to an individual with COVID-19, we would work with you while following public health guidance to determine a plan. If we determine there is significant risk to the larger group, it is possible that participants may need to go home, and staff may need to quarantine.

At the beginning of the summer, all staff attend a training called RAMP (Regional and Area Mission Preparation). Historically, we’ve had 1-3 large training events consisting of 100-350 people, which isn’t something we can safely commit to.

Our current plan is to have smaller groups of staff arrive in several RAMP locations across the US. Staff teams will then travel to their sites from the RAMP locations. There will be a variety of both virtual and hands-on training sessions throughout RAMP.

We are regularly considering how COVID-19 will impact RAMP, keeping your safety at the center of our decision-making. You’ll get consistent updates on our training plans throughout the year.

We appreciate your honesty throughout your decision process. We understand that these are unprecedented times. Know what submitting an application for summer 2021 does not commit you to serving on staff with us this summer, so we would still encourage you to apply.

If you are in the process of accepting an offer from YouthWorks, we understand that this could be a difficult decision for you to make. As a Recruiting team, we are committed to supporting you as you make your decision. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any concerns or questions.

We do have a number of churches who are already registered for summer 2021. We also have been in communication with our churches through a survey and other means to help determine where they are in their summer planning process and what their factors for consideration before committing to a summer mission trip.

Travel to RAMP and to your assigned community for the summer will be required. If travel is a concern for you, talk to us through the hiring process about what you would be comfortable with and we can explore potential ways to accommodate.

During the interview process, we will talk with you about the community placement process. As YouthWorks continues to assess covid-proofing safety measures for staff, we may consider new options of community placement. If you have specific concerns, feel free to bring them up during the interview process and we can discuss options further.

YouthWorks has been working on “COVID-proofing” our summer and are looking at every aspect of our programming to make sure they’re safe. COVID-proofing is an action that we all take together as staff, participants and community members to make YouthWorks trips safe. While this FAQ is specifically for staff, know that we’ve done our best to set expectations for churches via this page as well and will continue to add FAQs as they arise.