COVID Refund Protection

Introducing COVID Refund Protection At No Additional Cost

You’ve felt the full weight of youth ministry in this pandemic. All the unknowns. All the pressures. All the changes. And we know you feel the tension of needing to plan your summer 2021 mission trip, but you don’t want to put your limited resources at any unnecessary risk.

We’ve dedicated all of our energy to be the best partner we can for your ministry, and we’re excited to announce one more way we’re able to invest in you and your ministry…

You now have our COVID REFUND PROTECTION on your mission trip registration at no additional cost. 

All qualifying groups can receive a full refund of all money paid to YouthWorks for summer 2021 mission trips if they have to cancel their registration before May 3, 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19.

Check out all the details in the Cancellation Policy & COVID Refund Protection.

You’ve always had our promise to show-up for you, to prepare a Christ-centered mission trip for your ministry, to facilitate service experiences that ignite new passions and inspire new pursuits in your students. This COVID Refund Protection allows us to extend that support even further.

You probably have questions. Check out the FAQ’s below, but don’t hesitate to LIVE CHAT with us, email us at, or call at 800-968-8504.


There is NO additional cost for the COVID Refund Protection! 

The $200 per person required by December 31, 2020—which would be your mid-payment + $50 per person—is all applied toward the total cost of your trip. 

View the full details of the Cancellation Policy HERE

We fully expect to facilitate mission trips and service experiences in summer 2021, but we’re also preparing for any possible difficulty that COVID-19 might send our way.

When it comes to safety measures that we’re taking on-site, take a look at this helpful resource: The Trip Leader’s Guide to COVID-Proofing Trips

We are working through numerous safety details during your trip, so this resource provides a helpful overview of some of the key areas that will be the most noticeable for you. Our hope is that this resource helps equip you with a tool for your conversations with parents, church leaders, and anyone else you hope to join your mission trip next summer.

We believe summer 2021 mission trips will happen, and we are working diligently to mitigate any risk for your group or your mission trip. If our ability to facilitate your trip is threatened by COVID-19 in any way, we will immediately assess what aspect of your trip is threatened (if it’s specific to a service partner or a broader trip location) and provide new service experiences or trip options that can work for your group. You would also have the chance to transfer your trip type to a Hometown trip option, if you decide that would be safest for your group.

Yes! The COVID Refund Protection allows qualifying groups to request a cancellation before May 3, 2021 to get a refund. Be sure to review the details in the Cancellation Policy to make sure you meet the criteria to qualify.

For all registrations that qualify for the COVID Refund Protection and do need to cancel, it is our intention to repay any money paid to YouthWorks for summer 2021 mission trips as soon as possible. If a significant number of groups choose to cancel in a similar timeframe, and immediately fulfilling all refund requests would force YouthWorks to close, we will commit to making payments as we are able over the course of a designated period of time until all payments have been made in full. If, in the absolute worst-case scenario where our entire nation is impacted and YouthWorks is forced to close, we will use our best efforts to repay you.

We’ll do everything we can to help make it happen! We will review options according to current availability, or potentially create new options for you, and we will do everything possible to accommodate the request to move your group to a new site or week without any penalty.

We created this resource for you: The Trip Leader’s Guide to the Payment Plan.

This resource was designed to help you understand and communicate how your deposit, mid-payment and final payment are intentionally timed to use as we prepare, plan and execute your mission trip.

Once you register for a trip, your Mission Contract will include a specific payment schedule.

And you can review the Payment & Paperwork schedule online HERE.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out through the LIVE CHAT in the bottom corner of our website, on the phone at 800-968-8504 or email at

You still need to opt-in for the COVID Refund Protection, and we can walk you through the process. Connect with the Customer Engagement team through the LIVE CHAT in the bottom of the screen or by email 

We believe the rise of another nation-wide threat similar to COVID-19 would be among the most unlikely scenarios, and any other fortuitous event or unforeseen circumstance that would prohibit mission trips would only have a regional impact. This would still allow YouthWorks to provide all registered groups with options to serve in other unaffected areas. In a worst-case scenario, YouthWorks would make its best efforts to refund all that we can and communicate any combination of donation, credit and/or refund options as quickly as possible.

Here’s a helpful checklist designed for your key decision makers: The Trip Leader’s Guide to the Mission Contract

Your Mission Contract will be attached to a registration confirmation email once you are registered for a trip.

While every church or organization is different, there might be a few additional people you’d like to also look over your Mission Contract and sign off on your mission trip this year. The Trip Leader’s Guide to the Mission Contract was created as a quick checklist, focused on key individuals who might have a particular interest in different details outlined in your mission contract. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s helpful when you’re planning for those big conversations.

Need even more support? Don’t forget about YW Extended Care.

We understand that things may come up after May 3rd that could impact your trip in some way. If it does, reach out to our Customer Engagement Team (servicecenter@youthworks.comand we’ll walk you through our process for filling out a special request. Our intention is to do everything possible to support you in these most unlikely situations. The special request process allows us to understand everything about what has happened and work toward the best solution possible.  

Your group would need to register and pay $200 per person by December 31, 2020. We still recommend that you register conservatively, knowing that you can still add spots (as long as space is available) after the deadline and receive the same protection.  

YW Extended Care is how we offer our full range of resources to our church partners.

Do you have a planning meeting scheduled with your team? We can join a phone or zoom conversation with you or your team to answer your questions and share about our trip options.

Have a budget meeting coming up with your finance team leader? We can share some additional planning resources or even join the conversation for additional questions.

Need help casting the vision of your trip with your group? We can pass along resources or even potentially join you in person, if that would be helpful support.

Are there other things standing in the way of your mission trip? Fill out YW Extended Care Form and we’ll help any way we can!