YouthWorks Extended Care

YouthWorks offers Extended Care for your mission trip at no additional cost. 

Are you feeling stressed with all the details and time commitment it takes to plan a mission trip? We realize your capacity might be low and understand all of the challenges that come with planning a mission trip. Our goal with Extended Care is to make your life easier by showing up every step of the way so that you can focus your energy on your students and give them an opportunity to serve others and grow deeper in their faith.  

Why Extended Care?

  • You can utilize decades of our mission trip experience to create a trip your students will never forget.
  • We’ll help guide you through the entire process from finding the best trip that works for your group to preparing you and your students to build relationships and carry the momentum home when you return. 
  • We will provide you with resources from pre-trip planning to post-trip processing. 
  • We can even help you with vision casting, finding volunteers, and working through the logistics of planning a trip!

How Works

1. Take the first step and fill out the Extended Care form above.
2. We’ll get you connected to an expert Trip Consultant to find the right trip and get you registered.
3. We’ll help guide you through your mission trip planning every step of the way where you need support.