God puts the FUN in YouthWorks! I Social Roundup #yw2017

We have more fun than we could ever imagine on a YouthWorks mission trip because God makes it all happen!

God brings together talented youth leaders, extraordinary teens and gracious community members to create compassionate servant leaders, long-lasting friendships and a sense of overflowing joy.

Together, we lift our voices in praise exclaiming, “Yea, God”, because He has blessed us abundantly and called us to share His awe-inspiring love through meaningful service.

This is what fun is all about on a life-changing YouthWorks mission trip.

Living…Learning…Growing #yw2017 #bentonharbor

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"Denver Metro Ministries is an organization that Youthworks works with in Denver, CO! Metro Ministries has a mobile food…

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YouthWorks group morning exercise before going out to serve. #YW2017

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COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT ・・・ “Meet Darlene. We hang out every Tuesday and Thursday morning when our Kids Club crews go to community service sites. Darlene is absolutely darling, though she has also been described as “spunky”, “hilarious”, “adorable”, and “amazing”, all of which she is. Darlene practices the piano for an hour or two every afternoon, sometimes tosses the rings for ring toss onto people’s feet, and loves to sing. She has a book that her granddaughter gave her which she loves to show off. Darlene has told me about her daughters, her friends, her grandkids, her childhood, her siblings, her mistakes, and her joys. I like listening the best, but I’ve told her about my life, too. Sometimes Darlene can’t find the words she wants, but we figure it out. Last week she told me that she forgets a lot of things, but she sure won’t forget me. And to be honest, I cried a little bit because I definitely won’t forget her. Everyone deserves a friend like Darlene, but I’m so glad I have the real deal.” #yw2017 Cred: @borminion

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Smiles and giggles on day one of our mission trip to Lynn, Ma !! #yw2017 #focosyouth

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