Community Highlight: Beckley, WV

While Beckley is comparatively a small town in the US, in many ways it’s considered the economic, academic, and cultural hub of West Virginia’s southern counties.

How We Support Beckley’s Local Leaders

Our first invitation to the Beckley area came from local leaders in 2010. This year, we’ve been invited back to help support local community leaders, church partners, and ministries through relational ministry opportunities and minor home repair projects.


These local leaders have identified that YouthWorks summer teams can help strengthen their efforts to provide year-round support for the most under-resourced members of their community.

Relational ministry in Beckley takes on many different forms, including summer programming for children whose families struggle to afford safe child care during the summer months and one-on-one activities caring for the elderly members of their community. By serving our community partners in Beckley, you’ll be providing volunteer support for these local leaders who are working year-round to care for the needs of their most vulnerable neighbors.


Another way that Beckley’s local leaders have identified an opportunity for YouthWorks to support their community is through minor home repair projects.

Like other small towns, Beckley has experienced a loss of industry and resources. Many families are impacted by minimal job opportunities, and a large number of the available opportunities are at or below minimum wage. By taking on some of the minor home repair projects for families in Beckley, we’ll be supporting local leaders who work year-round to help care for the greatest needs of families in their community.

Join Us in Beckley, WV

Come join us this summer as we support all that God is doing through our local partners in Beckley.


And before you arrive, be praying for the following things:

  • Pray for our community partners, especially those organizations struggling to meet the increasing needs of the families and individuals in Beckley.
  • Pray for elderly members of the community that are unable to meet their own needs and who rely on the resources of our community partners.
  • Pray for the ongoing care of local families in need, that they may see the presence of God in the support that they receive.
  • Pray for the logistics of this summer, and that teams coming to serve in Beckley will embody respectful service that celebrates what God is doing through the ministries of our local partners.

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