A Teen’s Story of Servant Leadership

Francisco Becerra-Lanza participated as a teen volunteer on two YouthWorks mission trips in Minnesota and South Dakota. He shares his reflections about communities and service:

“I’ve learned that it’s rough all over. From the YouthWorks trips, I learned how important it is to humble yourself, be more appreciative of what you have and be kind to people. And to help people other than yourselves, outside your own community.”

Francisco believes that a YouthWorks trip is something that every teen should experience:

“Meeting new people and making new friends throughout the week was what I enjoyed most. I also liked serving and helping out. It was worth it for sure. I had a great time.”

Francisco currently serves as a youth mentor at DinoMights, a Minneapolis-based organization focused on serving diverse groups of youth with unmet needs. DinoMight’s Executive Director Scott Harman connected Francisco and other teens to YouthWorks. Harman comments on the remarkable growth in Francisco following his participation in the mission trips:

“I noticed a lot of growth in Francisco. An awakening: I can matter. I can serve. I can be important in the kingdom of God. Francisco couldn’t wait to get home and serve the kids in DinoMights. He understands that kids just need love.”

YouthWorks trips matter for teens and communities.

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