5 Spiritual Dangers of Mission Trips

Put on kitchen gloves, seatbelts and closed-foot shoes

Stay off roofs, away from animals and in groups of three.

Drink water, wear sunscreen and wash your hands.


It’s a good idea to take safety precautions, but none of the precautions above will save you from certain dangers you might encounter on a mission trip. Despite your every intention to serve, love and do good, it’s possible to hurt yourself and others in the process. These spiritual dangers can undermine the meaningful service and learning your mission trip was meant for.


Watch the video and learn these dangers so you can avoid them on your mission trip!


We would love for you to share this with others before your next mission trip. Whether you’re a youth worker or student, feel free to use this video or click the image below to download the leader’s outline so you can present these dangers to your mission trip team.


What spiritual dangers would you add to the list? We would love to hear, please feel free to comment below with your answers.


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