Find a heart for service in Harrisburg

YouthWorks staff members Joe and Aaron share how serving in the Harrisburg, Pa. community is heart-warming and impactful for all.

Aaron, YouthWorks staff with community member

“The community members at the Harrisburg site are very relational. The community members want to know who you are as a person. You may say, ‘I want to paint this fence’—and you’ll get to do that, but first the community members want to get to know you and hear your story.”

“This summer there were kids running up to the youth workers saying, ‘I want to help? How can I help?’ Parents would follow them outside and start helping too.”

Joe, YouthWorks staff with team

“YouthWorks involvement in the area has gone well. The community trusts us. … We did a lot to beautify the area we were in and give the community hope. Our goal is to show the youth volunteers that this is a beautiful community too, just like the communities they come from. God is fully present here.”

“Every youth group we had out in Harrisburg was touched, was impacted in some way. It was incredible.”

Harrisburg, PA: June 10-Aug. 3, 2018 / Mixed / Small Urban

Connect. You will get to know the community members of Harrisburg—from the young to the young-at-heart—and develop meaningful friendships as you serve.

Serve. Your group will work alongside development organizations as they seek to break the cycle of generational poverty. Spend time with children at a summer camp or visit residents at local nursing homes. Paint, help with yardwork and assist with simple home repair projects.

Have fun!  Tour Hershey’s Chocolate World, attend a youth service at a local church, share a meal with community friends—even visit Gettysburg as you get to know the nearby community.

Join us in Harrisburg this summer!

On a YouthWorks mission trip, teens serve respectfully alongside one of 66 communities, each with its own rich heritage, strengths and needs—and plenty of opportunities for youth to connect and have fun!

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