Free curriculum, events, planning and prep resources to launch your ministry this fall.

Free Ministry Resources That Make it Easy and Make an Impact.

You’ve made it. Your group is starting to gather again and you can’t wait to jump back into ministry with your teenagers. But, there’s still so much to think about. The planning, logistics, volunteer support, budgeting, and ultimately the reason why you do what you do… the relationship building with teenagers and families in your community. 

These resources are designed to help take some stress off your plate so you can focus even more energy on the discipleship of your teenagers. That’s the part of ministry that no-one can do for you, so let us help with the rest of it. 

Launch Your Ministry With…


Let our team help find the best mission trip options that support your ministry’s vision for service. We handle all the logistics and the planning so that you can focus on preparing your students to serve and embrace all the unexpected ways they’ll encounter God on your trip.

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