Hope on the Way

“Hope on the Way.”

As I was scrolling through news articles, this headline jumped off the screen at me. And I imagine it caught the eye of others too—especially at the end of a year with so many unanswerable questions, strong emotions, disrupted livelihoods and health concerns. But I think this newsflash is only an imitation of a much bigger, much older announcement.

“Hope on the Way”

is the same headline that prophets foretold for hundreds of years. And when the people heard, they yearned for this long-awaited Savior who would free them from the sickness of sin.

“Hope on the Way”

is what the angel told Mary—a hope of which she would be a vessel. Carrying Jesus into the world.

“Hope on the Way”

interrupted an otherwise quiet night on the outskirts of Bethlehem, moving working-class shepherds to their feet and their feet to the streets to see this Savior.

“Hope on the Way”

is what the wisemen saw written into the stars. A hope worth pursuing, worth journeying after, through lengthy and troublesome terrains.

“Hope on the Way,”

however, is often skipped over in our holiday seasons. Despite being nearly a month early, Santa statues have already scaled rooftops, and Jesus figurines have been borne into front-yard stable scenes. We are excited to celebrate the arrival of our Savior—and understandably so! But in the process, we fast-forward past the bud to see the blossom. We skip over the baby bump straight to the birth. We jump to the joy but miss the anticipation. However…

“Hope on the Way”

is the mantra of the Advent season. And perhaps this year, more than years past, we grasp what it is like to yearn for the arrival of healing and wholeness for a world in wait. Afterall, it’s in the space before the save that we best recognize our need for a Savior. So, this December, before the joy of arrival, may you lean into unease and expectancy, into ache and anticipation, into waiting and wonder.

The hope of Jesus is on the way.  

“His name will be the hope of the world.”
–Matthew 12:21

Written by Sam Townsend

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