30 Day Neighbor Challenge

We had so much fun in July serving through the 30-Day Neighbor Challenge. We recognize that it can sometimes be difficult to come up with ways to serve on a regular basis, especially during a pandemic where restrictions limit our day-to-day actions. Whether you missed the event on social media or want to share it with your youth group, the challenge is available here for your continued use. Our hope with the 30-Day Neighbor Challenge is that serving those around you can become less of a daunting task and more of a natural rhythm. Some of the tasks are practical while others are spiritual. Through it all, we encourage you to pray over each action and ask God to use your small action to speak of his greatness and love.

We’ve included the prompts, as well as a caption to share on a social media post and a graphic for your use if desired.

DAY 1 // Buy someone a cup of coffee.
Who doesn’t love an iced coffee or tea on a hot summer day? ☕ Buy someone from your school or work a cup of coffee today! PRO TIP : If you can’t get together with them in person, send a virtual gift card or $ via a mobile payment service.

DAY 2 // Write a card and send it to a friend.
There’s nothing quite like receiving an unexpected letter via snail mail. Take some time today to write a letter or send a postcard to a friend. Maybe reach out to someone you haven’t connected with in a while!

DAY 3 //Do the dishes for someone else.
Doesn’t it feel like doing dishes is a never-ending task?  Washing dishes doesn’t have to be just another chore to check off your list. Just like during a mission trip, doing dishes can be an act of service to your family. Even if it isn’t “your turn” to do the dishes today, consider jumping in to relieve a family member of their dish-duties today. 

DAY 4 //  Eat a meal with somebody.
Sometimes simply being present is the best way to serve your neighbor. Take a break from your “to-do list” today to eat a meal with someone. This could be a family member, your next-door neighbor or a nearby friend – from a safe distance, of course! PRO TIP : Video chat a friend or family member over a meal time if you’re unable to meet in person!

DAY 5 //  Clean a common space in your home.
Odds are good that if cleaning isn’t your favorite task, others in your family probably don’t love it either. We challenge you to push through that apprehension and clean a common space in your home today – think the kitchen, living room or bathroom.  It may not seem fun, but your entire family will benefit from this small task!

DAY 6 // Support a local business.
Showing support for a local business doesn’t require money. 💙 Of course, you can support them by buying their products or services. If that isn’t possible for you today, we encourage you to share a post from a local business on social media, leave them a kind review or text your friends why you love the company.

DAY 7 // Give a monetary donation.
Every penny really does count. 💸 Instead of buying something fun for yourself this week, we challenge you to donate to an organization or cause that you care about. If you’re able to, consider implementing this into your weekly/monthly rhythm. If you can’t give financially, consider sharing about the organization/cause with your friends on social media or your family at home.

DAY 8 // Do a random act of kindness.
Random acts of kindness are what this whole #30dayneighbor challenge is about! ✨ Consider today somewhat of a choice day. Take some time today to intentionally serve in a random way. Ask your neighbors if they need help with anything around their home, make lunch for a family member, drop off a thank you note at the fire station… the sky is the limit!

DAY 9 // Go out of your way to thank someone.
Saying “thank you” is one of the simplest ways we can express gratitude and care. Think about people in your life that you are thankful for and then think of a way to thank them today. Consider writing a letter, preparing a treat, giving them a phone call  or anything else that would be meaningful for them!

DAY 10 // Pray for a neighbor.
Sometimes God brings people into our lives so that we can advocate for them in our prayer lives. 🙏🏿Whether you know your neighbors or not, take some time today to pray over them and their families. Consider taking a walk down your street to pray over their homes and ask for God to be present in their homes.

DAY 11 // Share a song with a friend.
That feeling when you hear a song that puts your feelings and thoughts PERFECTLY into words. 🎶 Ask God to bring to mind a song that you should share with someone. Take some time to share that song with that friend and pray that God would use the song to encourage them wherever they are in life. 

DAY 12 // Wave to a stranger.
It may seem simple or even odd to wave to someone you don’t know. 👋🏾 Or maybe it’s part of your community’s culture and daily routine! Either way, be intentional today to wave to a stranger (aka your neighbor!) while you’re out and about. You never know what kind of impact it may have on their day!

DAY 13 // Call a family member “just because.”
Depending on the vibe of your family, this one may feel weird or be completely normal. Call a family member today to just check in and see how their summer is going.  📱 Even if you aren’t a fan of talking on the phone, we encourage you to take just five minutes to complete today’s challenge.

DAY 14 //  Give someone a compliment.
Our words have so much power. 💬 Use at least a few of your words today to give someone a compliment either in person or through a text. Bonus points if you move past surface-level comments (even though those have power too) and compliment someone’s character or personality!

DAY 15 // Order takeout and leave a generous tip.
We’re halfway through our #30dayneighbor challenge! Time flies when you’re having fun! Today we challenge you to order a meal out (maybe from a local restaurant!) and leave a larger-than-normal tip for the team member. 🥡 💰 If you’re unable to eat out, we encourage you to “tip” a family member who prepared the meal with a thank you note, act of service like doing the dishes or other personalize way that communicates that you appreciate them.

DAY 16 // Say thank-you to a former teacher.
A teacher’s investment in your life will impact you for years to come. 💕 We don’t just mean schoolteachers – think Bible study teachers, coaches, and more! Take some time today to send a former teacher an email or a letter thanking them for their influence on your life.

DAY 17 // Pick up litter in a public space.
We can all play a part in keeping our communities beautiful. Head out to a park or other public space today to pick up trash for an hour or so. 🗑️ PRO TIP : Go with a small group (while social distancing!) + bring trash bags and gloves.

DAY 18 // Give books to a “Little Free Library.”
Have you ever seen an adorable “Little Free Library” in your community? 📚 Take a few minutes to go through your bookshelf and pick out a few books to donate to the library. Bonus points if you write a quick encouraging note in a few of the books! If you aren’t sure where to take the books ➡️ Search “Little Free Library map” to find a location near your home. No little free libraries? Donate to a local nonprofit!

DAY 19 //Write uplifting notes on your sidewalk or driveway.
Whether you live in a small town or bustling city, odds are good at least one person walks or drives past your home each day. Take some chalk and write an encouraging note for those passing by to read. 📝 If you don’t have a driveway or sidewalk, consider posting a sign on your window or near a main road.

DAY 20 // Leave a thank-you note for your mail carrier.
Mail carriers keep our world running! 📫 We challenge you to write a thank you note to brighten their day and let them know they are appreciated. PRO TIP : Clearly mark the letter so the mail carrier knows it’s a note for them and not just another letter. Consider taping it where they will see it (weather permitting) or marking it with a bright colored sticky note.

DAY 21 // Connect your Amazon account to a charity.
This is such an easy way to support an organization you love! Look up “Amazon Smile” and follow the instructions to connect your account with a charity. 😊 Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases. That may not seem like a lot, but it definitely adds up! If you don’t have an Amazon account, reach out to a friend or family member today to encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity to give. 

DAY 22 // Let someone go ahead of you in line.
In our fast-paced and efficiency-minded world, this may seem like a major inconvenience. Take a minute today to slow down and just breathe. ⌚ Whether you’re in line for ice cream, to check in for your post-quarantine haircut or to check out at a store, we challenge you to let someone go ahead of you in line. If they ask you why, just tell them it’s a small way you can serve them today.

DAY 23 // Give someone flowers.
There’s nothing quite like a fresh bunch of flowers! 💐 Ask God to bring someone to mind who would be blessed by some flowers. If you can’t make it to the store to buy flowers, ask a neighbor if you can cut a few stems from their garden. OR if you’re feeling crafty, look up how to make origami flowers and get folding.

DAY 24 // Celebrate a friendship milestone.
Time flies when you’re having fun! It sounds cheesy, but friends are truly gifts from God.  💕 Celebrate an important friend in your life today. Reach out to that friend and let them know what you appreciate about them and your friendship.

DAY 25 // Share a promise from scripture.
Has anything stood out to you from church or in your recent devotions that you feel like you should share with a friend? 📖 Take a moment today to send along some scripture or a devotion to a neighbor.

DAY 26 //  Send an unexpected gift to a friend.
It can be easy to rush through our days without acknowledging the affect others’ positivity has on our lives. 😄 Think of a time recently when someone encouraged you, whether through a conversation or post on social media. Reach out to them to recognize and share how their words and/or actions made a difference in your life. 

DAY 27 // Do something kind for a friend in a way that aligns with their “love language.”
A “love language” is essentially how an individual best receives and shows love/care for another person. 🎁 ⌚ 🤗 🤝🏽 If you haven’t heard of a “love language,” do some research on it + think about past experiences with your friends and family. Think of one person you can do something kind for today that falls within their “love language.” 

DAY 28 // Send an unexpected gift to a friend.
This one is so fun! Maybe surprise them with a meal delivery or gift from their favorite store. 📦 Alternatively, consider creating a gift such as a friendship bracelet, a painting or fresh batch of brownies.

DAY 29 // Send an encouraging text or email to a friend or coworker.
We’ve said it before, but our words can really have an impact on others’ lives. Take a moment today to write out a word of encouragement to someone in your life. 📱 Don’t overthink it – it can be short and simple! Pray that the message brings a little sunshine to their day.

DAY 30 // Interact with someone outside of your normal friend group.
We made it, friends! Day 30 is here. Social media allows us to connect in unique ways, like through this #30dayneighbor challenge. We challenge you to reach out to someone you haven’t interacted with for a while on one of your social media accounts. 💬 Send over an encouraging note, a funny video that made you smile or share story that has meant a lot to you.

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