YouthWorks 25-year Celebration

Celebrating #25YearsofYW

YouthWorks is celebrating 25 years of serving and partnering with communities through Christ-centered mission trips. We’ve collected stories from community partners, youth pastors, and summer staff who have all been a part of our story through the years! During the celebration, we honor our history, celebrate the present, and look to the future of what God is doing across our ministry. 

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At YouthWorks we have the privilege of being invited into many different communities, to work alongside and learn directly from community partners about the heritage and history of where they live. We experience and learn so much together as our partnerships develop and as they invite us into their long-term vision of caring for their community. Here are a few videos that talk about how our community partnerships have developed and how churches and/or communities have been impacted throughout our last 25 years of ministry.

Service Partner

Every year, it is our privilege to connect with youth workers, student ministers, and church leaders who devote their lives to helping teenagers find and follow Jesus. These leaders are the ones that surround their students and help reorient them to the movements of God in the midst of all that happens on mission trips and back at home. It’s a privilege to celebrate the work God is doing in and through youth workers! 

In these videos you’ll hear from youth workers about impactful moments for their students and a favorite or crazy highlight from one of their mission trips.

Alumni church

Every year, we hire more than 200 summer staff to facilitate our mission trips. Summer staff help support both our community partners and our participants. The summer staff role is a true embodiment of what it means to live at the intersection of communities and teenagers. Over the last 25 years, we’ve hired, poured into, and supported more than 5,000 summer staff! Here are some of their amazing stories of working for YouthWorks!


25 years ago when YouthWorks began, our founder had a vision that every teenager in North America would have the opportunity to go on a Christ-centered mission trip. We still believe in that vision today and are currently working to define what it looks like to provide service experiences for every teenager. 

We’d love to invite you to join us in our Every Teenager campaign! You can help support this vision in a number of ways, through prayerful, relational, and financial support. Learn more about this campaign here!

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