A YWx trip is unique because the Trip Leader decides on the majority of safety policies. During the week, it is up to the group to maintain their safety policies and procedures for the mission week, as we will not have YouthWorks staff on site.

In addition, groups certify that they will have the following safety policies in place, which they will communicate and enact during their trip:

  • A child safety policy
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • The rule of three (All participants are required to travel in groups of at least three including at least one adult)
  • Meet the adult to student ratio:
    • High School Trips: A minimum of 1 Adult Leader for every 7 students
    • Middle School Trips: A minimum of 1 Adult Leader for every 5 students
    • Mixed Trips: A minimum of 1 Adult Leader for every 5 students
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Communicate local police and child safety reporting contact information
  • Follow current CDC and local COVID-19 guidance
  • Conduct a background check on all adults 18+ (more information below).

As you find out about site and community specifics, community partners may have additional safety requirements.

It is easy to overlook potential safety issues in the midst of the busyness of planning for a mission trip. Once you register, Trip Leaders will receive a YWx Planning Guidebook with additional suggested safety policies and procedures. 

If you’re attending a YWx trip and have specific questions about safety considerations, contact your Trip Leader.

Background Checks

To promote a safe environment for YouthWorks participants and for the communities that we serve, we require that a federal and multi-state (also called “national”) background check and sex offender registry check be completed on all participants 18 and over, including Adult Leaders and youth attending the mission trip. Knowing that all adults are getting background checks will give peace of mind to community groups and your group. It will also fulfill requirements from ministry partners that want background checks completed on adults who will be volunteering at their organizations.

Alcohol, Drug and Weapon Policy

Alcohol, illicit drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden at YouthWorks housing and ministry sites. Anyone (leaders/youth) in possession of such items will be sent home immediately. To ensure the safety of your youth, we request that any prescription drugs and other medications be held in the custody of one of the Adult Leaders from your group.