YOUTH + ADULT MISSION TRIPS: 6th Grade—Any Age Adult


If you value multi-generational discipleship and opportunities to create a deeper impact with our community partners, then you’ll want to explore our Youth + Adult Mission Trip opportunities.

We believe that strong community partnerships begin with our ability to humbly listen to the needs of every community and respond to those needs in a way that aligns with what our community partners desire most.

As we’ve invested in these relationships over the last 25 years, we’ve realized how negatively a week of very few volunteers can impact the ministry of our community partners. It puts them in a difficult position and in some cases, it can hinder their ministries. We are committed to doing everything we can to keep that from happening. That’s why we are expanding a number of our sites to be Youth + Adult Mission Trips this summer. By bringing even more adults and students together to help fill these needs, we’re protecting the incredible ministries of our community partners and it also provides a unique opportunity for a multi-generational mission trip experience for your students and adults.

What is different about Youth + Adult Mission Trips?

Actually, not much at all!

The projects you tackle will be very similar, you’ll just get to dig deeper into the needs that those projects are designed to meet.

The programming will still be geared towards students who have completed 6th grade through 12th grade, you’ll just be able to bring more adults who can share the spiritual and discipleship opportunities with your students.

The community and evening activities will be the same, you’ll just be able to process them in a multi-generational format to help your students build relationships with more adults who can help their mission trip experiences integrate into their everyday lives long after you get home.

If it helps, check out a full breakdown of a typical day on a YouthWorks trip here: TYPICAL DAY

Where would you like to go?

Got questions?

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