Puerto Rico

  • Pre-Packaged Trips: High School & Up
  • Custom Trips: All Ages


Serving in a place where Spanish is the primary language will give your group an opportunity to step into a genuine cross-cultural experience. You’ll help address poverty by partnering with local organizations, and see firsthand what it looks like to do community development in an area that has survived multiple natural disasters. Service in Puerto Rico is highly relational, whether you’re working with children, youth or the elderly. YouthWorks has been serving in Puerto Rico since 2003.

Please note: All information regarding service and community engagement activities are subject to change.

Trip Types offered in Puerto Rico

Pre-Packaged Trips

Weeklong summer mission trips for teenagers with staff, meals, and programming included. Focus on your students, not logistics.

Custom Trips

Year-round service experiences for any age group with flexible start & end dates. Match community needs with your unique group.


Custom Trips

Year Round Trips

Custom trips during any season available here!


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Partner with local organizations to meet ongoing needs in the community.

Students may serve all or part of the week at an outreach ministry, a local church working to meet the needs of its neighbors, a community farm or a variety of children's programs.

The service schedule and organizations we serve with can vary.

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