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An Introduction That Helps Mentally Prepare You Before You Serve

After 25 years of facilitating short-term youth mission trips, we’ve recognized a number of essential topics that every youth worker should include in their pre-mission trip prep work. This guide book is designed to introduce you to one of these topics in a way that you can utilize it on your own, with a group of your volunteers, with student leaders, and even in small groups of students going on your mission trip. It’s not an easy topic but it’s necessary, and here’s why…

In a society that values individualism and self-determination, the impact of systems, policies and institutional practices is often invisible to many of us. Each chapter in this guidebook will explore systemic injustice by taking a close look at a particular social structure that currently fosters significant disparities and inequalities. Each chapter will include data, reflection prompts and ideas for further exploration.

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