Ministry Support Coordinator

Position Overview

Promote an environment where youth connect their service to Jesus as you interact with them throughout the week. Support your team by providing leadership for daily work projects, children’s programming or service sites. Coordinate and lead cultural and relational activities for youth. Plan and facilitate a daily evening program that includes worship, sharing, processing and interaction with provided theme materials.

MSC.Emily Beck

“From becoming a better leader, public speaker, and getting closer to God, I grew in so many ways working for YouthWorks for a summer”

– Katie, Ministry Support Coordinator



  • Must be at least 18 years of age and one year post-high school or equivalent
  • Actively pursuing a relationship with Christ
  • Desire to serve the Church
  • Model servant leadership
  • Have a teachable spirit
  • Able to engage with teenagers in authentic, relational ways
  • Desire to serve alongside participants in a variety of settings
  • Able to provide upfront facilitation of large group gatherings

Team Tasks/Roles

  • Lead morning devotions
  • Participate in evening programming and worship
  • Facilitate a team of students in meal preparation
  • Engage throughout the day with churches, including youth and Adult Leaders
  • Engage in respectful service and regularly communicate with community partners
  • Site preparations including inventory, shopping and confirming service schedules