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Prevent and Address Misbehavior on a Mission Trip

Mission trips provide adventure and opportunity to get a break from life’s normal routines and scenery. While many students welcome this change and are eager to bring their best selves to the experience, the combination of unfamiliar surroundings, long work days and poor decision-making can lead to misbehavior in some students. Sometimes this misbehavior disrupts the mission trip experience for the whole group, especially if it catches us by surprise. Yet even our most mature students have their patience, friendliness or kindness tested on a mission trip! 

What does this mean for youth leaders? This guidebook is designed to answer that question by drawing from the expertise of TreeHouse and YouthWorks’ 25+ years of experience hosting teenagers at our mission sites.

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This guide book created in partnership with TreeHouse. TreeHouse is on a mission to end hopelessness among teens. Learn more at treehousehope.org.

Prevent and Address Misbehavior on a Mission Trip