Meet Our Summer Staff

Danielle, Site Director

“I’m so excited to be a Site Director and lead a team this summer! I can’t wait to see what God brings during summer 3 with YouthWorks. The past 2 years I’ve met so many amazing people, learned leadership, team work skills, how to immerse myself in a new culture, cook for 70, corral teenagers, and how to love God.”

Jessica, Kids Club Coordinator

“I’m very excited to work for YouthWorks again this summer! Last summer I was able to grow my leadership skills, meet some fantastic people and get to know a pretty awesome community. I can’t wait to do it all again!”

Collin, Work Projects Coordinator

“Excited to see how Work Projects impacts my life and the community around me. See ya soon, YouthWorks!”

Athena, Service Coordinator

“I am so excited to be coordinating service projects all summer with #yw2017 it’s been one of my dreams since I have been a participant in the program and I cannot wait to experience it from the other side.”

Emmanuel, Ministry Support Coordinator

“The connections I made and the lives I was able to touch through during the summer have had a huge impact on me. Now I live for building intentional, godly relationships. Not to mention, YW is a killer resume builder and I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for double high air mattresses.” 

Spencer, Ministry Support Coordinator

“I joined the staff this summer because as a past participant, I know how much of an impact YouthWorks has both personally and spiritually. Now as I work towards getting into medical school, having the opportunity to serve others while in a leadership role will give me amazing experience that will help in the field.”

Sandra, Utility Coordinator

“I could not be anymore excited to be able to serve with YouthWorks this summer! God has definitely opened this door of opportunity and I’m glad I walked through it! I know that this is going to be a growing experience for myself and for others, and I can’t wait to see what God does with this summer!”

Aaron, Site Director

“YouthWorks cares about their staff and those whom they serve and come in contact with. I believe I learned more practical leadership skills serving one summer with YouthWorks than anywhere else I would have served. You will get to encounter so many people and build so many great relationships. YouthWorks is more than just a summer job or internship. YouthWorks is a journey! And it’s a journey I’m excited to be a part of again!”

Emily, Site Director

“Jumping now while I have the energy, because YouthWorks is going to be CRAZY this summer! I’m so excited to serve a team and community as Site Director, and to build relationships that EXUDE the love of Jesus.”

Ben, Community Service Coordinator

“I decided to work for Youthworks this summer because I wanted to serve in a place where I would be challenged and have new experiences. Working for Youthworks is an opportunity to spend my summer doing something worthwhile and learning more about God’s Kingdom and where he is at work.”

Liz, Site Director

“I’m doing YouthWorks again because community always means family. Because sunsets and swingsets mean the promise of tomorrow. Because god always shows himself in early morning sunsets before South Dakota was awakened, blazing red and purple skies just above the horizon at Wounded Knee, cloudless starry nights and abounding skies, sage picking adventures with my team who grew to be my family, Friday morning cleanings that made me realize that youth could get ‘it’, and community cookouts that made me feel a sense of fellowship in a world that often forces division. I’m doing YouthWorks again because my heart is located on the dusty Great Plains and there’s no place I’d rather be.”

Esteban, Site Director and Reyo, Ministry Support Coordinator

“Do Something. Do YouthWorks. We are ready for what God is going to do this summer and to make new connections with new communities.”