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Engage Students Using A Discipleship Framework

This guide book was created in partnership with Jesse Criss and Fresh Ministry Consulting because of Jesse’s passion for training youth workers. Through his ministry, he’s utilized the content in this guide book to help his own team and others create a vision and framework for discipling every teenager in their ministries.

This guide book is designed to help you consider how to engage teens on your mission trip in a discipleship framework, regardless of where they are spiritually. Here’s what you’ll find in this resource:

  • 5 Types of Students
  • 5 Types of Students on a Mission Trip
  • 5 Ways to Engage Students on a Mission Trip
  • The Handprint Framework

We hope that Jesse’s passion for training youth workers shines through this resource, and that you are better equipped and supported because of it. Fill out the form to download now.

Engage With Students Using a Discipleship Framework