Day(s) of Service Guidebook Resource Download

Give teenagers an opportunity to serve in their own community when they return home from a mission trip.

Mission trips are a great opportunity for teenagers to explore and learn more about a new culture as well as serve alongside partners in places where God is already at work. While YouthWorks loves connecting teenagers to communities across the country, our ultimate goal is that when you return home, teenagers would continue growing in their faith and serving in a local context.

Maybe you want to plan your own day of service or service week at home, but don’t know where to start. After 25+ years of ministry, we know the ins and outs of planning a successful service day and week anywhere. That’s why we’ve created this brief guidebook that will give you a high-level overview of all the things you need to plan for and know about when organizing a day of service right in your own backyard.

Day(s) of Service Guidebook Resource Download​