College Service Trips

Choose from 20+ locations across the US and partner with communities to meet real needs and make a lasting impact.

Planning your college service trip has never been easier. This year, YouthWorks is unveiling 3 unique opportunities for college students to serve:

  • Day(s) of Service
  • Week-Long Service Trips
  • Custom-Built Service Trips

Service-Learning Types & Locations

Each service trip location will have a unique service-learning focus, introducing students to the story behind our communities, their rich and difficult history, the impact of systemic struggles, and the beauty of who they are today. Here’s a look at our service-learning focus for each location:

Not seeing a location that you had in mind? We have long-lasting partnerships in communities beyond what is listed on this map and would love to discuss additional options with you.  

College Service Trip Options

CSC.Anna Metzger

Days of Service

Serve in your community, and we’ll help make it happen.
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Week-Long Service Trips

Focus on your students, we’ll handle all the details.

Custom-Built Service Trips

Create what you need, and we’ll build it.

Why College Trips with YouthWorks?​

25+ Years of Successful Service Trips

YouthWorks has been developing authentic, long-lasting relationships in 70+ communities across the US. We have come alongside leaders who truly know their community and that have invited YW and our participants to be a part of their ongoing missions.

Respectful Service

YouthWorks prioritizes listening to our communities, learning from their leadership and designing our trips to meet felt needs identified to us by key stakeholders in each community.

Let YouthWorks plan it for you.

We understand the challenges to research, plan and organize while still providing care for and attending to regular responsibilities. Let us help plan a trip for you. Joining YouthWorks for a week of service plugs you into the bigger story of the Gospel and the work already happening in these communities.

We love college students.

Our mission hinges on the engagement of young adults as summer staff. We’ve trained, equipped, developed and mobilized thousands of college age students. College and young adult staff have been an integral part of the work that we do. We believe they are a vital part of the work that God is doing in the world as we aim to create experiences that broaden perspectives, ignite passions, expose possibilities and inspire pursuits.


Fill out the form or give us a call at 800-968-8504 to begin planning how you can partner with YouthWorks for impactful service learning experiences.