Meet the Recruiting Team

Mayme Simms

Director of Recruiting

Since 2002, Mayme has served in a variety of roles at YouthWorks. Her love for people, organization, strategic-planning, teamwork, creativity and conversation all come into play in her leadership of the Recruiting Team. Mayme’s other loves include living in the city, arranging flowers for weddings, practicing hospitality, riding her scooter in the summer and spending time laughing and learning with her husband Conner.

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Becky Fuller

Senior Recruiting Associate

Since 2006 Becky has served at YouthWorks by setting up communities in the Eastern Region, helping hire and place summer staff, and partnering with YouthWorks’ Puerto Rico community. Despite spending the last seven years living in the Great White North of Minnesota, Becky has a deep-seated love for the Chicago Cubs, Portillo’s Italian Beef, and the “El.” Away from work, Becky can often be found serving in the Latino Children’s Ministry at her church and learning about new cultures.

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Lauren Domski

Recruiting Associate

Lauren was made to go on her first YouthWorks mission trip as a teenager in 2009. But God used that week to draw her closer and push her into a deep love for meaningful missions. After a summer on staff in Chicago in 2014, Lauren joined the recruiting team. Outside of work, you will find her longboarding along any smooth pavement in sight, eating beef jerky or searching City Pages for upcoming Twin Cities concerts.

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Rhonda Fellows

Recruiting Associate

After being an adult leader on YouthWorks trips in 2004 and 2005, Rhonda became a Site Director in 2006. She was a summer staff eight times before joining YouthWorks’ fulltime staff in Minneapolis. Rhonda’s love for Jesus and passion for others to know him together with her youth ministry experience has led her to Recruiting. Rhonda enjoys relaxing, spending time with friends and finding moments to engage with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Katie Beekman

Recruiting Associate

Katie works in Recruiting at YouthWorks because she believes in developing the rising generations of the church. She has seen first-hand how growing a YouthWorks summer can be from her time as a Site Director and an Area Director since 2016. She started at YouthWorks because she loved Youth Ministry, but since then she has discovered her passions for communities and cross-cultural experiences. Being a Minnesota girl through and through, the Vikings break Katie’s heart every year. She never wants to stop learning, so outside of work she could be doing anything from listening to a podcast about a random topic to picking up a new instrument. Katie could talk about Harry Potter for days. She’s an Enneagram 3.

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Aaron Nosich

Recruiting Associate

Aaron began serving with YouthWorks in the summer role in 2016 and did another summer in 2017, both years in the city of Harrisburg. He loves connecting people to one another and seeing relationships built across barriers. He grew up in the South and enjoys warm weather, so the colder northern weather in the winter will require a bit of adjusting. He loves roadtripping, coffee-shop hopping, and movies. Whenever he has the chance to be outside he’ll either be laying in his hammock, hiking, or doing yard-work.

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Kelly Strelau

Recruiting Associate

After spending four summers on staff with YouthWorks, Kelly joined the recruiting team in 2017. She loves having the opportunity to share about YouthWorks and connect with candidates who are passionate about serving youth and communities. Originally from Colorado, Kelly is partial to the mountains, but is gaining a new love for Minnesota lakes.

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