2023 Theme

Homework. Jobs. Notifications. Practices. Family. Friends. Entertainment. The Future. The Past. Thoughts, hopes, worries.

Everything wants your attention!

Even when life is filled with good things, it can feel overwhelming. Maybe you even find yourself rushing through life, consumed by busyness and countless options, not having the space to truly see what God is inviting you into.

But remember, when you’re on a journey, it helps to get your bearings – to find that spot on a map that tells you, “You Are Here.” In the Bible, we see that’s true for us too. As we learn to slow down and look to Jesus, we get a clearer focus for our lives.

You Are Here.

You are here to love the Lord your God and to love your neighbor. You are here to share what you have and who you are. And you are here to unite together as we discover how to live like Jesus.

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